hCG WEIGHT LOSS - Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work? 
This program is based on the Simeons protocol which works by influencing the brain to promote the metabolism of fat.  hCG is a natural hormone produced in the body.  It has many functions and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions.  For weight loss purposes, we only use a small amount of hCG combined with a low calorie diet to direct the body to use its fat stores as a source of calories.

How long is the program?
The program lasts between 23-40 days.  The amount of time you remain on the program depends on how much weight you want or need to lose, how much weight you are losing each week and if you are adhering to the protocol.  This will be assessed by your practitioner at each weekly visit.

Is this hormone safe for men?
The hCG hormone is naturally present in varying levels in men, pregnant women and non-pregnant women.  It can boost testosterone production and men often tend to achieve results more quickly and lose more weight than women.

How much weight can I expect to lose? 
Women lose between 0.5 to 1lb per day, and men 1.0lb per day.  Results will vary based on how much excess weight you have, how strict you are on the program and whether you have any underlying health issues.  

Is it safe for me to consume a 500 calorie diet? 
If you consume a 500 calorie diet without the hCG injections, you will, in fact, lose weight.  The problem is, during the diet you will be losing muscle mass and structural fat; you will not lose any of the abnormal fat deposits in problem areas.  Your energy levels will be low, and your body physically would not be able to withstand such a calorie deficient diet, this leading to hair loss, paleness, and extreme fatigue.  This will cause your metabolism to slow down in the long run and make it easier to gain weight in future.  It is the energy burned from the reserve stores in your body that is the basis of how the hCG weight loss diet works so effectively without the hunger and the cravings. 

Will I be hungry during this protocol? 
If you consume the appropriate foods -especially in the loading phase of the program, and follow the instructions correctly, you should not notice hunger.  Because hCG mobilizes fat and makes it available to the body as an energy source, it naturally reduces appetite.  So even though you are taking in fewer calories, your body can access the energy you have stored in fat cells.  Each person may experience difference, but for the most part, hunger is slight.  Overall, most people have plenty of energy and feel good while on the program.

Can I substitute foods on the diet? 
Our modern approach to the hCG diet allows for a wider range of foods based on nutritional research.  It is best to follow the food list and protocol strictly for optimal results.  When substitutes are made, they are found to interfere with regular weight loss on the hCG program even if they are the same amount of calories as the foods permitted on the diet.

Am I allowed to take supplements and prescription medications on the diet? 
Yes.  In order to maintain a healthy nutritional balance, supplement recommendations MAY be made while on this diet.  Your program will be tailored based on your medical history and lab results.  B vitamin injections will be administered weekly to increase your energy and boost your metabolism.  Avoid supplements that contain fat soluble ingredients such as fish oil and Vitamin D.  It is imperative that you continue to take any necessary prescription medication that your primary physician has ordered. 

Can I exercise? 
Exercise should be kept to light activities such as walking for 20 minutes a day or light yoga.  Over exerting yourself can negatively impact your weight loss.

What can I expect at each visit? 
During your initial 45 minute visit, your health will be assessed to determine whether you are a candidate for the program,  the program will be explained in detail and your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy.  You will then have weekly 15 minute follow-up appointments that include a metabolic booster shot, body measurements and weigh-in as well as time to review and questions you may have. 

Can I use the injections longer than 40 days if I want to keep losing weight? 

No, after a 40 days cycle of hCG injections, you must give your body a break (6 weeks) before you start another cycle.  This is to ensure your body doesn't become immune to the hCG.

Will I gain all the weight back?
If you return to your old habits that created the weight gain in the first place, you will gain the weight back again.  The program emphasizes a lifestyle change.  It is also possible that you have underlying health problems such as hormone or thyroid imbalances.    

Can I do more than one round? 
Yes, you are able to do more than round, however, you must wait 6 weeks in between rounds.  This weight loss program will provide you with tools that allow you to get back control of your eating habits and pay attention to those cues that in turn, lead to longer lasting weight loss results.  

What happens after the program is finished? 
There is a slow transition once the program is complete. You will enter a maintenance phase which lasts for 3 weeks in which you consume more calories, stop taking the hormone but enjoy a diet void of carbs and sugar. After those three weeks of maintenance you can slowly transition back into good healthy grains and carbs in moderation.

How much does the program cost?  
Your visits are billed weekly and can be covered under your extended health plans.  We offer direct billing to most extended health care providers and are able to submit visits on your behalf.  The cost of the prescription may be covered under your drug plan.   The total cost of treatment will depend on how long you remain on the hCG program for. 

Am I a candidate for this program? 
In your initial visit, your current and past health information will be reviewed to determine if this program is right for you.