We are a team of practitioners dedicated to helping our patients achieve optimal health.

By utilizing an integrative and preventative approach to wellness, we encourage and motivate patients to maintain their own health and recognize the importance of preventative medicine and addressing the root cause of illness.  

We are proud to offer:

  • Integrative anti-aging medicine including cosmetic procedures, rejuvenating hormone balancing, vitamin and mineral level optimization for healthy aging

  • Acupuncture services to incorporate true mind-body medicine, address hormones, stress and anxiety

  • Advanced medical aesthetics including in depth skin imaging, clean injectables, platelet rich plasma scar and anti aging treatment, collagen boosting microneedling, AcuLift facial acupuncture, soothing LED light therapy, and ultra hydrating hydrafacials.

  • Pain management services including electroacupuncture, biopuncture, cupping, supplement recommendations, lab testing and IV therapy

  • A weight loss program offering long lasting weight loss results and long term weight management solutions.

  • A comprehensive approach to skin health that addresses skin both externally and internally including the most up to date lab testing, the cleanest custom skin care products, the safest injectables the most effective treatments and long lasting results.

  • Nutrient management strategies including micronutrient testing, IV therapy and vitamin injections.

  • Registered massage therapy services that include lymphatic drainage massage

  • Education on balanced eating, optimizing your nutrition, addressing food sensitivities, healing impaired digestion and maintaining weight loss.

  • A patient focused, no harm approach that addresses the root cause of disease and teaches preventative medicine.

We will address your concerns in an initial visit and offer a wellness plan to give you direction on your path to optimal health.  It's one thing to a live, but another to THRIVE. We look forward to being a part of your journey. 

Dr. Alyah Karim + the THRIVE WELLNESS team.

Visit us in the heart of the Point Grey Village!

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