Electrical Stimulation is frequently used in combination with acupuncture to treat pain. It can be especially effective for chronic pain that has not responded to standard acupuncture manipulation. Electroacupuncture is quite similar to traditional acupuncture in that the same points are stimulated during treatment. Electrodes are attached to the acupuncture needles and a mild current is passed through to specific acupuncture points. Using a combination of low and high frequency, continuous contraction and relaxation of muscles can improve circulation and relieve pain. Long-term pain relief can be achieved for conditions such as tennis elbow, sciatica, IT band pain, and knee pain.

Electrical Stimulation can also be used for specialized treatments such as Weight Loss. At a high frequency, electrical stimulation can help boost metabolism and stimulate detoxification.  Other points used can help regulate digestion, balance hormones, reduce bloating, and control food cravings.  

A series of treatments, along with nutritional changes is recommended for long term, sustained results.